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:bulletblue: :pointr: I've come to the realisation that I just need to stop freaking out about everything. In all honesty I have been avoiding dA because I didn't feel like I belonged here any more, I haven't made any of my own art for over a year now, and it just felt that I wasn't supposed to be here if I wasn't contributing anything myself on a regular basis.

But seriously, I'm making myself miserable by pretty much breaking ties with many lovely internet friends who I communicated with through dA, and that is just silly. I have to stop wallowing in my own disappointment at my lack of art production, and actually just talk to you lovely people and give feedback on all of YOUR amazing work!

I doubt that many people will see this but if you do, regardless of whether I knew you well, or only a little, or even if we haven't spoken at all yet, I am genuinely interested in how you are doing! If you want to say about something exciting that's happened, or general life goings on, or if you just want to rant about something, that's absolutely fine! I'm happy to hear about anything and everything, I want to get back into the swing of things here c:
:bulletpurple: :pointr: It's been a little while since I've been on dA because of the new house (still not entirely moved in yet! ^^; ) But the lovely Bandarai tagged me to do some questions, and I thought it looked like a fun thing to do c:



1. What's your favourite hobby?
- Oh man, I guess making art is still my favourite hobby. Especially finishing a really detailed picture, it gives a really nice feeling of accomplishment c:
(If it was most interesting hobby, that would have been rifle shooting. I do .22 indoor target shooting)

2. What do you do for your job?
- I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for a global healthcare company, I've worked there for just over a year now.

3. What is your dream job?
- I really would love to do natural history/scientific illustration. Something that incorporates my love of art, details, science and nature.

4. If you could go anywhere in the world, right now, where would you go?
- There's a really lovely cafe that my boyfriend and I found last time we were on the Isle of Wight. Being back there on a nice sunny day would be awesome c:

5. Do you have any pets?
- Personally, no. But my mum has a Beagle puppy called Gracie.

6. Favourite bird of prey species?
- Harpy Eagles look pretty bad-ass : D

7. Favourite movie right now?
- I've not seen any films recently, but one that has always stuck out to me is The Shawshank Redemption. Really iconic, and such a good story, very sad in parts though.

8. Sweet or sour?
- Sweet! Definitely. Sour just makes me make ridiculous faces.

9. Coke or Pepsi?
- Coke. Plus, Cherry Coke is good for special occasions.

10. Why are you doing this tag?
- It's been too long since I was last on dA, I logged in and saw I had been tagged. I thought it would be fun c:


I will tag ...

:iconpenzone: :iconsamantha-dragon: :iconrap-monstah: :iconmiryhis: :icontwilittiger:
:iconperforex: :iconwanecc: :icontesso: :iconcianiati: :iconprlncett:

(I've not been around much, so I am not sure if all of you do tags. If not I'm sorry for bothering you guys. You don't have to do the questions c:> )


... and my questions are ...

1 - What kind of artist were you when you first joined dA? (like what was the main thing you drew, what style, what medium)
2 - What do you like most about your own art work?
3 - What are your main inspirations for your art work?
4 - What do you do for a job?
5 - What country do you live in?
6 - What is the weather like right now?
7 - What is currently your favourite TV show?
8 - Clothes: What's most important to you, Function or Fashion?
9 - Favourite Pizza toppings?
10 - If you could do anything or go anywhere right now, what would you do?


1. You must post These rules.
2. Each person Has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4. Choose 10 people and put Their icons in your journal.
5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
6. No tag-backs.
7. You can not say That You do not do tags.
8. You MUST make a journal entry!
:bulletpink: :pointr: I apologise for my absence for the past two weeks, but my partner and I have just finished buying a house!

Such a stressful experience! Lawyers, Estate Agents, Home Insurance, argh! It's taken a while to get sorted out, but it is now officially ours :D
We've been to various shops this week trying to find kitchen appliances and furniture that isn't too expensive, the bed and fridge/freezer will be delivered next week so we'll actually be able to move into the house after that c:

I just wanted to explain where I've been. I'll begin catching up on my messages and commenting on all of you guys' lovely artwork soon :heart:
:bulletorange: :pointr: I'm genuinely interested in hearing about what people's plans for the future are.
Do your plans involve art, or is art just your hobby?
If it does, what kind of area are you hoping to get into?
Graphic Design at an agency, freelance illustrator, paint what you want and sell your work as a fine artist?

I've just been quite concerned recently, because I really don't know what I want to be.
I know I want to have a job related to illustration and science, but I'm still trying to figure out what that is.

If you know what you want to be (or already are), or are like me, and aren't quite sure yet, I'd love to hear about it c:
:bulletyellow: :pointr: It's one of those things, you're just getting back on your feet again, and then the world comes up at bites you in the backside. I seem to be making a habit of getting increasingly worse illnesses. With the latest being problems with both of my eyes.

In October, after seeing flashing lights and a weird shadow in my peripheral vision, it turns out that the retina in my right eye had started to detach. I found out that I have had holes in both my retinas for a long time, which have only recently gotten worse. I have now had surgery on both of my eyes, saving my vision.

:bulletyellow: :pointr: I'm sure that some people would approach not going blind with a new lease of life, make the most of each moment of sight, and so on, but it's hard to do that while my eyes still aren't back to normal (my glasses prescription keeps changing as they're healing) and I'm still getting used to the four, new, permanent blind spots in my vision. It's not something you can expect someone to bounce back from with new found purpose like they do in the movies.

I'll start being active and commenting and favouriting again. I had been working up to doing some more art, but then this all happened, so there wont be any drawing from me for the time being.
I hope that everyone understands.
:bulletgreen: :pointr: I've been hiding away for about a month, because I'm silly. I've somehow managed to convince myself that drawing is scary and time consuming and is not fun at all. It's ridiculous because I know that isn't true, and even if I did just 30 minutes of drawing a day I would have done at least two or three pictures in the last 4 weeks, but instead I've sat here frozen, and fretted and thought about the people I've left waiting and it just stresses me out.

I know I just need to get a grip, calm down and do some drawing. But it's one of those annoying things where you worry so much about it not being perfect, that it's easier and less scary to not do anything at all - that way you can't fail.

That is the most awful and unproductive way to think about it, and I hate that it is how I act. I really want to break through this way of thinking and get back to drawing consistently and actually enjoying it too.

I want to apologise I haven't submitted anything in so long, and also say sorry to Bandarai for making her wait for such an unacceptably long time for my half of our art trade. I have not forgotten about it and will finish it, I hope I have not annoyed you too much with my rubbishness :c
:bulletblue::pointr: It's ridiculous, am I so fed up with being ill. A month ago I had a trapped nerve in my spine, then once I was better I only had 2 weeks to prepare everything for Kitacon so I was insanely stressed that whole time, and THEN I caught a hideous cold at the convention and have been coughing and unable to breathe ever since. I'm pretty sure colds aren't supposed to last over 2 weeks :/

But that is why I have been away for so long. It has been super hard to get back into dA since the trapped nerve in my spine as I wasn't allowed to sit up or use a computer for a long time. I have had real issues with my motivation since then.
It's one of those things where you don't do something and then you keep putting it off because you feel so bad about not doing it, but the longer you wait the worse you feel, and the more you dread coming back to it even though you know you should :c

I will put a real effort in to looking at all of the pictures and journals everyone has been submitting and will be getting back on track with my own stuff shortly too :3

:bulletpurple::pointr: That’s why I’ve been absent all this week.

Just as I decide to draw some pictures and make a cosplay and do some exercise, I get an agonising back condition meaning I can’t even sit up for any amount of time for days and days :c

I’ve been off work all this week as well, which is annoying as I’ve only been there 2 months. But it was impossible to work at all, even from home. I had been unable to sleep at all on Monday night, the pain in my hands and arms was just awful, it was like being electrocuted through my hands and travelling up my arms and into my back.

Before I went to the doctors on Tuesday morning I did try to work. But for those three hours it was about 20% drawing, and 80% screaming in a home office.
So that wasn’t exactly wildly successful :<

I had been panicking that the pain in my hands wouldn’t go away. Hand injury is one of the worst fears for an illustrator I’d say. But it seems to have subsided, it’s just my back that’s killing me now.

There were a lot of things I wanted to do this week, it’s typical really ;^;


:bulletpink::pointr: Back from The Netherlands yesterday evening ... after getting there earlier that morning! It was worth going though. It was a meeting discussing digital marketing for the European markets at the healthcare company I graphic design and illustrate for. I didn't have a presentation to make, but it was nice to be included in the meeting. I felt like a proper member of the design team. Plus my illustration work came up occasionally, which was awesome :3

:bulletpink::pointr: I've been a little inactive recently as I've been working on an important illustration for work for the past week and a bit. It will be printed in new brochures and other literature, as well as being the main resource for training new salespersons in the technology behind the products they will be selling! It's possibly the most important illustration I have done for the company so far x____x

I will be more active again now that I have done the main bulk of the project. It's being reviewed by Research and Development right now. Hopefully the lab peoples will be happy with the way it shows what's going on >o< fingers crossed!

:bulletorange::pointr: Phew! So glad that I'm back. I had another work trip this week (as well as the week before). This week I have been working on some sketches for new illustrations for the healthcare company I work for, so sorry for the lack of art here and on my tumblr. It's just been so busy having to travel all over the place!

Sweden was good, I didn't get to see much of the country other than from the window of the car as we drove from the hotel to the factory and back again. So that was a shame :c
What I did see was nice though, it had been snowing and the brightly painted wooden houses looked so sweet all dusted with snow! I wish I could have taken some proper photos.

:bulletorange::pointr: On the art front, right now I am doing an art trade with the lovely Bandarai,  and I will be posting more animal drawings too. Plus I will be doing some breaking bad fanart soon as well.

I am very much looking forward to staying home for the next few weeks! It means I can actually get things done now.

:bulletyellow::pointr: I got back last night, responded to a few messages, but was so tired I just had to flop on the sofa with a cup of tea. It was a 4.30am start on Tuesday, for a 6am drive all the way up to London, going straight into the first meeting at 9am! The next day was very tiring also, but we finished at 3pm instead of 6pm as some people had to go straight on to The Netherlands from the London meeting.

It was actually a great first business meeting. A lot about brand positioning rather than purely about packaging, but having studied Marketing and Branding I still found everything really interesting. Illustration wasn't a major thing being discussed, but when it did occasionally come up, the US group usually mentioned my illustration and how impressed they were with it. So that was pretty great >w< hehe

:bulletyellow::pointr: Oh, and Breaking Bad! Oh. My. God. I watched some more while I was flopping yesterday evening and finally got past where I had watched to before. It's so freaking intense! and sad! D:
I know I'm like a year behind the curve here, but it kind of made me want to do some fanart. So expect some of that, plus the continued uploading of my realism stuff.

I will also be trying to get some more less realism more cartoony (bad work, but you know what I mean) work going again. I love my OCs and I want to draw them again, plus drawing realism all the time is no fun. It takes a lot out of me : <

:bulletgreen: :pointr: As part of my new job, as an illustrator and graphic designer for a global healthcare company, I have been invited on a lot of trips in the next few weeks.
I'm off to London tomorrow morning and staying two days, then Sweden next week for three days, Leeds in February and there's talk of me going to Germany at some point soon also!

Tomorrow I will meet some people from the American branch, including their graphic designer and the people who commissioned an 'artists impression' of a product from me a little while ago. A lot of the other trips will be introducing me to all of the products and what they might want to be illustrated in the future, and just general staff induction stuff.

I don't know if I will be online at all the next few days, it depends on if I have internet access. But either way I doubt that I will be submitting anything this week until Friday.

:bulletblue::pointr: So, a fresh new account for a fresh new start. My old account is seasonaldragon1, so any previous watchers - yes you are in the correct place X3

It has been very difficult to remain active throughout University, but now that I have graduated and found a job I am determined to take a much more professional and consistent approach to remaining active and updating both my deviantart account and my tumblr, , which is where I post WIPs, rough work and behind the scenes.

I aim to submit a new piece every couple of days, and appreciate the artwork and company of you lovely people as well :3

I will be re-watching everyone who is still active on my watch list. I look forward to seeing how much everyone has improved and catching up with old friends. I have really missed being here and am glad to be coming back ^-^